Monsta Theory

A Monsta is any imaginary creature. It does not exist in real life but only in imagination.

Monstas can be cute or scary; evil or kind.

Drawing imaginary creatures helps children to develop creativity and creative thinking. It is also a lot of fun!

The main Monsta types are:

  1. Aliens

You can talk about our universe with your kids and tell them that there are many planets and that we still do not know what is going on on those planets, as there’s no way to get there now. Ask them what they think happens there. What creatures live there?  What does the planet look like? Then, you can ask them to draw someone from the planet.

  1. House monsters 

Some kids are scared of imaginary monsters who they think live in their home. For example, they may be convinced that a monster lives under the couch or in the wardrobe. Ask them to draw the monster, it could help them get over this fear.

  1. Fairy tale monsters 

If your kid likes fairy tales, ask them to create a story of their own. There can be imaginary creatures in their fairy tales - like unicorns, mermaids, monsters, etc. - there’s no limit! Your child might enjoy illustrating their fairy tale creatures, too.

When you draw your Monsta, submit the drawing along with the Monsta’s story.

It will be picked up by our artists for redrawing - kids will love to see their ideas visualised by someone else.